This course develops leaders, in the widest sense of the word – empowered people taking inspiring action in their lives. It’s a hero’s quest journey – – that will bring you into intimate contact with yourself, while being in the presence of others meeting themselves.

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— A Tried and Tested Transformational Arena! —
The far reaching transformation emerges out of the continual depth of meeting between you and the others in the training that every connection can be a key to.
Organically, deeper underpinnings of your personality and being will come into consciousness, and with that, the space for fundamental shifts in your life – often accompanied with more trust in yourself, in life and with others.
Many people go on to be great circling leaders, apply the depth of circling uniquely into their life or simply appreciate being in the practice to the depth that is possible during this training.

— The territory —
You’ll be immersed into the wide ranging magic of Circling from the basics up to the cutting edge of the practice – Surrendered Leadership. This is a leadership sourced from our embodied clarity and a deep letting go that enacts a profound group coherence and flow.

You’ll get to play and develop in this field and if you wish have the opportunity to certify as a Circling facilitator.
We will touch into themes of soul-level listening and honesty, masculine/feminine integration, the archetypal realm, unitive experience, getting closer to our aliveness and relationship to death, collective intelligence, embodiment, deepening our sensitivity to energy and being grounded and accountable in our everyday living.

This course is very much about integrating the presence and connection of Circling into your everyday life.

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This course is led by Sean Wilkinson and team.

— Dates —
– 22nd-25th February (1st weekend)
– 23rd-26th May (2nd weekend)
– 12th-15th September (3rd weekend)

— Registration —
Before registering, let’s touch base to see if this is a good fit.
Please set up a 1/2 hour context call here with Sean:
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First episode of Circling Documentary –
—“Excellent and terrific work… highly needed in these times”
— Ken Wilber
“Circling Europe are in many ways standing head and shoulders above the rest of the circling community. If you want advanced training, they are unearthing some of the most dynamic and impactful trainings I’ve seen.”
— Rob McNamara, Teaching Fellow Harvard Graduate School of Education, President Performance Integral, inc., Founding Partner DELTA Developmental

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Before registering, let's touch base to see if this is a good fit. Please set up a 1/2 hour context call here with Sean.