Suurepärane võimalus kogeda circling praktikat koos John Thomposiniga, kes on Circling Europe kaaslooja. John viib Tallinnas läbi meistriklassi, kuhu on teretulnud nii kogenud circlijad kui ka uued huvilised.
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Circling is a fast growing practice that guides you into a deeper experience of presence and connection.
Circling is a practice of meeting you exactly where you, as you are.
We hold whatever arises—both in you and in ourselves—with a degree of wonder and meet it with innocence.
And we find that doing so usually cultivates nourishing and far-reaching growth.
You’ll likely gain deep personal insights, feel yourself to a deeper level and see habitual ways of being you didn’t realise you were doing.
The practices typically open up new realms of connection – feeling deeply seen, getting a visceral sense of connection and intimacy with others and an idea of how you got there – an authentic contact that feels nourishing.
Perhaps you’ll get a taste of what matters most to you and have some experiences of synchronicity, collective intelligence or even psychedelic-like experience.

What makes Circling distinctly different from coaching, therapeutic or other spiritual or developmental based modalities is it is primarily based on a relational context. Connection is the focus and it invites a form of ‘self-responsible adults relating’ at its base.
As a result, we do not try to guide the process in a typical way toward a predetermined outcome—it is always a co-creation of the relationships and group intelligence centered around connection.
This invites everyone’s agency and leadership to the foreground which can be incredibly empowering for people unused to this environment. It can also be challenging for people who are used to directing others’ experience towards release, healing, openness, or change.

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About John:
John is also an Integral Master Coach and a Master NARM Facilitator. He originated the 5 principles of Circling and Surrendered Leadership and has trained and certified hundreds of Circling facilitators. He’s worked with world class leaders in AI, Collective Intelligence, Sport and business and recently developed a Circling Coaching training programme. John’s kindness and empathy are equal to his fierce heart and his passion to uncover what’s most important.
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